The Family Weakness

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By Sporty22

The weather was cold and slightly snowy at Smithsville University as the students who attended there were making their way home for the holiday break. Most students had gone home on Friday of the last week of classes, but two students in particular remained on campus. Ryan Carry who was 6 foot tall, 195 pounds, and his cousin Billy 5’10 170, had to stay up because they played on the University hockey team, and had a game the night before. The two cousins were enjoying a great freshman year on the team, and at the school. They loved the parties, the girls, and being away from home. But they needed a break from the grind, and were waiting for Ryan’s dad, Jack, to pick the two 19 year olds up and take them back home for the break.
Jack arrived at their dorm at around 1 o’clock in his Range Rover, he loved showing it off when he could. He was a very wealthy guy, and owner of his own business. Standing 6 foot 2, he was very in shape and a good looking guy. Something that his son Ryan was happy to inherit. “Hey Dad, thanks for coming to get us.” Said Ryan. “No problem, good to see you guys. How was the game?” asked Jack. “we won 4-1.” Said Billy, “we both scored once.” “Nice work guys. Lets get on the road because we have a long trip here.”
Jack helped them put the bags in the truck and they started on their way. A three hour trip was not something the three men were looking forward to, but they had to get going. On the way home, the three relatives discussed the semester. The good and bad things that have gone on. Although the two young guys were loving college life, it was good to be going home and catching up with Jack, their father and uncle.
The snow was starting to come down a little harder about halfway through, so Jack was really focusing on the road. It wasn’t getting hard to see, but he was being cautious. All of the sudden there was a loud bang. The expensive truck started to skid, and Jack guided it over to the side of the road. “Damnit! We blew a god damn tire, this is just great” said Jack. He began to reach for his cell phone to call triple A, since he had no spare. Then out of nowhere, almost on que, a black BMW pulled up along side of them.
“You need some help there guy?” yelled a scummy looking man from inside the car. “Yea we blew a tire, do you know anything near here that could help us out?” asked Jack. “Just your luck fellas, I own a gas station right up the road, hop in and I’ll take you guys there!” The three men in the Range Rover were relieved. They were hoping to get out of this jam quickly and this dirty guy in the beamer seemed to be the ticket.
“Well I’m Opie, who are you all and where yas going? Said the driver. Jack explained who they all were and where they were going as they pulled up to the gas station. “Just wait here, I’ll send out my assistant to go tow your truck.” Said Opie. Ryan, Billy and Jack were happy with the situation. They sat around and talked some more as they waited. After about 20 minutes they realized that Opie hadn’t been back for a while. “I’ll go look for him” said Jack. H walked around the gas station trying to find an office or somewhere Opie would be. He stumbled into a dark room. It had chairs set up with what looked like old time stocks. Before he could say or do anything, something came over his mouth. It was Opie with a rag of chloroform. The 49 year old man fought the drug. He was very strong, but he had already inhaled a great deal of chloroform. He began to get sleepy. Soon the wealthy man closed his eyes and gave in to the drug. He was ou
t like a light.
10 minutes later Opie had a gun. He walked into the waiting room where the two college studs were sitting. They were shocked. “What the fuck are you doing dude!??” yelled Billy. “where’s my uncle Jack?” “He’s in the other room waiting for us. Let’s go up with you boys.” Said Opie. The two cousins did as they were told, since this guy had a gun they had no choice. He took them back into the room with the stocks. The looked up and saw Jack, tied up with his legs through the holes in the stocks. “What the hell is going on here?” Yelled Ryan, he was in disbelief to see his dad like that. “Shut up and sit down, just like him.” Opie told them. They did, and the hick began to tie the young men up real tight, just like Ryan’s dad. Soon all three of them were helpless. Jack began to wake up. “Let me up right now you fucking freak! What is it that you want???? I demand that you tell me!” Jack yelled, trying to sound like he was in control while he was in front of his son and newphew. “Yea you pussy, why the fuck do you have us like this??” asked Billy.
“It’s very simple gentlemen. If you hadn’t noticed, I don’t look like I have much money, but I do. I drive the best cars, live in a big house, and eat at the best places. This is because I capture people, wealthy people like yourselves and get their personal information out of them. I don’t let them leave until I have their Social Security number, bank account information, the whole nine yards.”
“You are fucking dreaming shit head.” Said Jack. “Yea dude, why the hell would we do that? Your outside of your mind.” Ryan told him, trying to back up his dad. “well many people have broken before you, and many will after you. And trust me, don’t try and act like you are a team or something because I’ll have all three of you against each other very soon” said Opie. The three men didn’t know what to think. What the hell could he mean. But by no means would they give up their information. There’s no way they could talk. Jack tried to remain calm. He didn’t want to seem weak in front of his son. The same could be said for Ryan and Billy. All of the Carry men were nervous, but didn’t want to show it.
“Ok so who wants to go first. I over heard that you are the cousin, so since these two are father and son, so I’ll save them for later.” Opie said. He approached Billy. The hockey player tried to remain tough. “What are you doing dude, get away from me. Don’t fucking touch me.” Opie smiled and said “I’m not gonna hurt you, but you are not going to like this.”
He reached down and pulled on the laces of Billy’s boot. Billy was confused and he struggled. “What the fuck dude?” he said. The boot came sliding off revealing a sweaty white ankle sock with gray toe and heel. Opie spoke again. “You guys will be find, and you prolly wont crack…that is if you’re not ticklish.” Father and son looked at each other, and then at Billy. He was so confused.
Before he could think or say a word Opie brough a finger down his sole. He jumped. “O shittttttt.hettt….” he said. “Looks like you are VERY ticklish big guy.” He ran a couple more fingers down the sweaty foot. “Damnithhehehe I’m not gonnanahehhehe laughahahhehe. I won’ttttttttalllllkkkhehehhe” Opie scrambled all of his fingers of the left foot of Billy and he lost it. “hehehehehhehe no no no hahahhahahahahahah HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH SHIT AHHAHAHAHAHAH STOP HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA I CANT hahhahahAHAHAHA I CAN”T TAKE ITHAHAHAHAHAHAH”
Jack and Ryan looked at each other again. Neither said a word, but Jack tried to give his son a look like everything would be ok. It was hard to do that with the laughter of his nephew filling the room. He looked back at Billy. His face was turning red. Jack knew this wasn’t good.
HAHAHAHAHA DEAR GOD STOP HAHAHHAHA NOT ME TOES HAHAHAHHAHA. Opie had slipped off the other boot. He was going both feet at once. Billy was losing control. HAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHA STOP NO NO SHIT HAHAHAHAHAH GOD I’m TICKLISHHHHHH AHHAHHA. Opie stopped. He looked at Billy and said. “Ok Billy, I’ll stop tickling you for a little. But, you gotta tell me which one of these two guys to tickle next.” Jack and Ryan swallowed hard. Each didn’t want to show their weakness in front of each other.
Billy couldn’t believe it. He never would have though this dirty bastard could have broken him down to give up one of his relatives. But here he was, he didn’t want to crack about his info, so he shut his eyes and said “Ryan, tickle Ryan.” Opie laughed. Ryan was shocked. “Is Ryan ticklish Billy” Opie said dragging a finger down Billy’s foot. “hhhehe STOP hhahaha YES HES VERY TICKLISH. WE BOTH ARE. WE CAN”T STAND IT ON OUR FEET!!!” Billy was embarrassed as Opie walked over to his cousin. Ryan was sweating hard. “He’s lying man, I’m not ticklish. I’m just like my dad here, our family doesn’t give in to childish shit like this. We aren’t ticklish so just stop.” Opie didn’t really seem to care, he just started to unlace his Nike shoe. “We’ll I’ll judge that I think Ryan.” He pulled off the size 11 shoe to find a stinky foot. Skin tight gray and blue ankle sock. “WOW your feet stink. Let’s see if you lied to me a second ago shall we fella?” Opie said.
He didn’t tease him like he did to Billy, he just took his fingers and went up and down his sole. “HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA HAHAH O MY GOD HAHAH O MY GOD HAHAHAH JESUS FUCKINAHAHAHA CHRISTHAHAHAHAH.” Ryan was hysterical. He was extremely ticklish on his feet. Billy was correct, he knew from earlier in the year when they were initiated onto the hockey team. Jack couldn’t stand to look at his son like this, he turned his head, but the laughter was loud and glorious. “AHAHAHAHAHA NOT MY FEET ANYWHERE BUT MY FEET HAHAHAHA GET AWAY FROM MY TOES HAHAHAHHA IM GONNA DIE HAHAHHAHAHA.” Opie was in heaven, he knew that the first two were gonna crack easily. “wow for hockey players you two sure are ticklish like babies. I thought that was a tough guy sport. I don’t see tough guys I see some ticklish tootsies though. Lets get this other sneaker off ticklish tough guy. Ryan couldn’t fight it, he was too ticklish HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH JESUS HAHAHAHHA no NOT THAT ONE HAHAHAH THIS IS HAHAHA AWFUL HAHAHA.”
Then from the side of the room Jack yelled at Opie. “ENOUGH he can’t take it. Let him go. Let all of us go!” Opie stopped tickling Jack’s boy. He turned and said. OK Dad, its your turn. I hope for your sake he got those ticklish toes from his mother.” Both Ryan and Billy looked over. They had faith that Jack would over power Opie and get them out. He’s a strong guy. He’s Ryan’s hero, no way would he break. Jack was wearing some loafers with black dress socks. Opie made short work of his left shoe. He flexed his long toes. Opie took two fingers and started at the heels and brought them up slowly. Jack flinched, as the fingers got higher on the foot, a smith started to crack, then his teeth started to show. When the toes were hit, the 49 year old dad gave in to his ticklish feet. “no please. Stop pleaseesessese Not in front of my sonhehehehehe not in front of themhahahahahah Im ticklish boys im sorry hahahahahahahahahahaahhaha.” The two college boys looked on in disbelief. They were so ticklish on their feet, but not their dad/uncle. There he was though, giggling like a school girl. Soon it would get worse. “Tell them how ticklish you are JACK” laughed Opie. Jack was trying to stay in control. “hhehe go to hell you prick hehehehehehe ahahhahah o man hahahahhaahaha. Then Opie brought his fingers and went to town on the balls of his dress sock covered feet. This got to Jack. oK hahahahah im sorry IM VERY TICKLISH hahahahahah ON MY FEET HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOOOO HAHAHAHAHAHHAH HAHAHHA HEHEHEHEHEH HAHAHAH I’m SOOO TICKLISH TheRE I SAID ITHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA BUT I WONT HAHAHA TELL YOU MY INFORMATION HAHAH NEVER HAHAHAH.
Opie stopped tickling the exhausted father. He looked around at the 6 ticklish feet in front of him. It was time to turn these men against each other. He dug right into Billy’s feet. HAHAHAHAHAHA JESUS WHAT DID I DO HAHAHAHAHHAHAH STOP HAHAHAHAHHEHEHEHEH NO NO HAHAHAHAH. “tell me your SS# Billy. If you do I’ll stop.” Billy’s will was weakening. HAHAHAHAHA OMG HAHAhAH NO FUCK FUCK HAHAHAH OK OK I”lL TALK HAHAHAHAH. He told Opie everything he knew. He gave him his credit cards and Social Security number. Opie then said “Ok, I lied, im going to keep tickling you. Unless you ticke Ryan.” Billy was exhausted, but he still refused. “FUCK you, no way, this is messed uhahahahahhahahHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG HAHAHAHAH NOOOOOHAHAHAHAHAH FINEEEEEE I’LL TICKLE THE SHIT OUTTA HIM HAHAHAHAH “ Opie stopped the tickling. He let Billy up and held the gun to him. He said “ listen, you need to let him have it or your right back in the chair.” His plan was working. This people were caving. 1 down 2 more to go.
Ryan started to panic. Billy sat down at his socked feet. “Billy no man, come on its me. Don’t do this. “Dude I’m sorry, I have to.” With that, Billy dug in. Ryan went beserk. He was very close to losing his mind and breaking, just like his ticklish cousin.
HHAHAHAHAHAH BILLY NOOOO HAHAHAHA NOT MY FEET HAHAHAHHAAHA YOU KNOW HAHAHA ME TOOOO WELL HAHAHAHAHHAHA. Billy sort of liked this, he had his cousin at his mercy. And it beat the hell outta being tickled. It was almost like he was hypnotized with power. He really got into the tickling, just like Opie had planned. “You know Ry, how bout we go BARE feet.” Ryan shouted NOOOOO YOU PRICK WHY WOULD U DO THIS HAHAHAHAHHA AHANOHAAHAHAH GOD NO HAHAHAH. His bare feet were very smooth for a hockey player. Flawless, and ticklish. He was in agony. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAhAhAHAHHAHA I”ll DO WHATEVER YOU WANT HAHAHHAHAH TELL ME WHAT TO DO HAHAHAHAHAH ANYTHING HAHAHAHAHA ILL TELL YOU ANYTHING HAHAHAHA. Opie was pleased. He got the information he wanted, tied Billy back up and asked Ryan the Million dollar question. “Will you tickle your dad, or keep getting tickled?” Ryan was embarrassed. His dad was nervous. He already was tickled in front of his son and nephew, but now BY HIS OWN son. This would be awful, and he knew that his millions were at stake here as his feet were ultra ticklish.
Ryan refused, and braced himself. “I wont do it. No way will I do that to my dad. He’s my father I could never make him sufferrhehehehehehehe o god hahahaha hehehHAHAHAHAHAHAHA DAMNIT HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA HAHHAHA” Opie was loving this. “tickle your dad and it stops.” HAHAHAHAHhA FUCK YOU HAHAHAHAHHA hehehehehehehehehAHAHAHAHHA JESUS OK OK OK I’ll TICKLE HIM HAHAHAHAH I WILL HAHAHA. “what will you make him do when you tickle him?” taunted Opie. “HAHAH I”LL MAKE HIM TALK HAHAHHA.
It came down to Jack. Ryan and Billy had already sung like canaries from being tickled,
and he was the authority figure in their lives, and he was about to be tickled for information by his own son. His one loafter was still on, as was his black dress sock. Ryan sat down at his feet. He couldn’t stand being tickled anymore. He had to tickle his dad. Jack tried to plead with him. “Son, don’t do this. We can handle this, we’re men. I’m very ticklish on my feet, and I don’t want to break, but if you do this well enough there’s a chance I’ll have to give him a large amount of money. Please, don’t tickle me son!” Ryan looked at his dad. “I’m sorry dad, but I’m too ticklish. I had to give in and do this. My feet cant take anymore. I thought we were tough enough to take tickling, but it seems our whole family is ultra ticklish. Try to hold out. Opie chimed in “OK OK enough of this sappy shit. Tickle the shit outta your old man boy or your feet get it good!” Quickly Ryan jumped right at his father. Jack held out from giggling for 4 seconds. That’s it. The family weakness had struck again. “hEHEhhehehe Ryan no hahahahahahhah please listen to me I’m your fatherhereerhehehehe HAHAHAHAHA O MY GOD I HAHAHAHA I CANT TAKE HAHAHA IT HAHAHAHAHHA HAHA.
Ryan experienced the same power trip his cousin did while tickling his feet. He was really liking this. He slipped off his dads other shoe and went to town on both feet. He even began taunting. “Geez dad, you SOOO TICKLISH. No wonder I’m so ticklish. Do I get it from you or Mom? It looks like you???” Jack was so confused. His son was at his feet tickling and taunting him. His weakness was getting to him. HAHAHAHHAH ME SON HAHAHAHA SHE”S NOT EVEN TICKLISH HAHAHAHAHAHA ITS FROM ME HAHAHAHHAHA NOW STOP HAHAHHAHA HAHAH GOD NO HAHHHA. Ryan took off his dads stinky socks. Then he went to town on his bare feet. HAHAHAHAHAH NO RYAN HAHAHHAHA WHY HAHAHAHA WHY MY BARE FEET HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH HAHAHHAHAH YOU CAN”T MAKE ME TALK HAHAHAHHA STOP HAHAHAHAH. Jack was starting to crack. His own son was doing it. Then the unexpected happened, Billy was let loose and dug into his left foot while Ryan tickled his right one. The authority figure was no more. His boys were tickling him hardcore. They knew just where to go to make him go nuts. Under his toes and his arch. He was losing it. HAHAHHAHAHAHHAH JESUS WHYYYYYY HAHAHAHA HAHAHAH NOOOOOOOO HAHAHHAHAHA OK OK I’LL TALK I’LL TALK HAHAHAH ANYTHING, ANYTHING YOU WANT IT”S YOURS HAHHAHAHAHAhAHAH MY FEET ARE SOOO TICKLISHSHAHAHAHAHAHAH.
Opie had won. He had used the family weakness to break three strong, inshape, good looking men, and that family weakness was ticklish feet. He tied them all back up after getting jack’s information. He wasn’t done with them yet, as he had a long week planned with these three ticklish relatives.


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