Lacrosse Rivalry

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By Sporty22

It was spring time at Oak Hall University meant it was lacrosse season. That was the sport that took over the campus, and everyone was aware of how the team was doing and who the major players were. Oak Hall was a dominating school when it came to lacrosse, and because of this, they got some of the best recruits every year. There was however competition for Oak Hall. Their neighboring college, State University, was also top of the standings every year. It was kind of like a Duke – Carolina thing. Only 9 miles apart, the rivalry got pretty intense. This came to a climax when the two schools played every year.
This year Oak Hall was number one in the league and undefeated. State had one loss, and a win in this final game would mean that they would take the top spot going into the playoffs. Needless to say, this was a huge game. Mike O’Brian was one of the captains of Oak Hall. He was a 6’3, 220 all-American. Nothing could stop Mike when he was on the field. The guy was a beast. He and his co-captains, Doug Johnson and Frank Townsend were in the middle of a captains practice that they had called the night before the big game.
“Listen guys” said Mike, “We need to get these new plays coach gave us down. State has us scouted good, so these plays are everything tomorrow. Were gonna live and die by them” The players worked hard into the night running the playbook into the ground. They worked and worked until the captains felt that they were good enough to take on State the next day for the regular season title.
“Nice work boys. Were looking good, and those clowns at State aren’t gonna know what the hell hit them tomorrow,” Doug yelled. “Without a doubt,” Frank chipped in, “we have this on lock. If they want to take this game from us they are gonna have to work for it!”
After practice, the team was getting into their cars to go home and rest up for the big day, when Mike got a weird text message. It read “Mike, it’s coach Boruke. Round up Frank and Doug and meet me in the locker room right after practice. I’ll be waiting for you there so please hurry so we can get out of there. By the way, this is my wife’s phone, mine is dead.” Mike showed his co-captains the message. “Well let’s get going,” said Frank, “I’m trying to go shower and go to bed.”
When the players got into the locker room no one was there. The all-star players wondered in and turned on the lights. They kept looking around for their coach, but he was no where to be found. All of the sudden the sound of hissing was heard from above.
“What the fuck is that?” said Frank. “That sounds so weird, I’ve never heard that before,” said Mike. “Yea, I don’t ……um no what….that is.” Yawned Doug. The three players were being overcome by sleeping gas. They were getting sleepier and sleepier. “This is …….weird….all I wanna do is………uhhh……..sleeeeep.” Miike yawned as he finally gave into the gas. The other two followed right after. The 3 best players of Oak Hill’s lacrosse team were sleeping like babies in the locker room.
Mike was the first to wake up. He looked around groggy. When he finally was fully aware at what was going on, he realized that he was unable to move. His arms were tied over his head, and his legs were stretched out in front of him tied through a chair. He tugged and struggled, but the burly lacrosse star couldn’t move a bit. He looked to the sides of him and saw his teammates in the same helpless predicament. Doug and Frank both woke up soon after, and came to the same realization as Mike.
“What the fuck!” yelled Doug. “This is bullshit, how the hell did we get like this.” Frank was nervously trying to find answers as well. “Did coach do this? How did we fall asleep like that?” Suddenly there was another voice that boomed into the locker room. “Sleeping gas. That’s how.” All of the Oak Hill boys knew who the voice belonged to. It was Garry McFarland. He was the captain of the State lacrosse team. He was also with what seemed like 5 or 6 other lacrosse players from State. “Luckily we have some connections at the local hospital.”
“Garry are you fucking serious with this!” Mike yelled. “You’re going to fucking jail dude. This is so illegal.”
“Yea what do you pussies even want” asked Doug. “Cause whatever it is, you’re not going to get it.”
“Shut up Johnson. The fact is, we are complete control here, and there’s nothing you can do to stop us.” Garry said. And it was true. The 3 Oak Hill players were complete at the mercy of half the State squad. “What we want is very simple.” Garry continued. “We know that you changed your plays. We know that you changed them because of the game tomorrow, so we just want to know what they are, and the names of each play.”
Frank was the first to respond. “Are you serious? Are you fucking serious? You guys are so scared, so pathetic that you would tie us up like this to find out the plays? Go fuck yourself pussy.”
“Wow, do you all feel the same way?” said Garry. The other two shook their heads yes, very pissed off, and they all started to struggle again to break free, to no avail. Mike spit on the floor and hit a shoe of one of the State players.
Garry stepped in. “Well I’m sorry you all feel that way. It’s a shame for you, but that just means we get to have some fun.” The captive athletes looked confused. “What are you gonna cut us? Hurt us? We’ll go straight to the cops. “ Mike said confidently.
“No,” Garry said as he walked beside Mike, “We have another way. 100% effective. We sometimes use it as initiation for freshman. It’s funny because no matter how big or strong a guy is, there always seems to be a ticklish spot on his body that drives him wild.”
All three players were shocked. They didn’t show it, but they were nervous. They looked at each other and on the outside, remained calm and cocky.
“Fuck off, that is ridiculous.” Said Doug. “Yea” said Frank, “That is the stupidest shit I ever heard.”
“OK that’s fine, let’s get to it boys.” Garry said. The State players moved in on the helpless rivals.
They attacked their armpits first. One tickler per player. Garry took Mike, and his co-captains took Doug and Frank. When the fingers hit the hairy pits of the all-stars, they shook. They were trying so hard not to look weak. “You can do this,” Mike thought. The others were thinking they same thing, but the State players had their fingers flying over armpits, and before they knew it, Frank was starting to smile a bit. Doug saw this, and tried to help.
“Stand tall …..Frankhehe.” Doug’s concentration broke for a second and he giggled. “This is just the beginning boys.” Said Garry. “You all will start to break. You can feel it can’t you. You just want to giggle. It tickles you doesn’t it? You just want to laugh. You’re helpless and you can’t stop it.”
All three players were smiling like idiots now and eventually Frank started to giggle. “ehheheheheheh I’m sorry boyshehehe i hhee can’t help it.” This of course sparked the others to loose it. “heheheheh me eitherhehehehehe” mike giggled like a school girl.
“hahehehahah yea hehehe my pits are hehehe ticklish!” Doug yelled.
“Ok that’s enough.” Garry said. “Let’s get down to business. Take their cleats off.” The Oak Hill players felt their hearts sink. This wasn’t good, and to top it all off, their feet were still in their sweaty cleats, making it worse. “Are your feet ticklish Mr. All-American?” Garry asked Mike. “Nah man, not at all, just smelly, so you can enjoy that while you’re down there.”
“Sounds like you’re lying, lets find out boys. And remember, you three can stop this when it starts by just telling us the plays.
Frank had his cleats removed first. They pulled them off his feet showing his sweaty skin tight ankle socks. “Oh yea, these will do” said his tickler. As he paused for the other two to be done.
Doug was next, and he wore high blue socks, the color of Oak Hill’s team, but his socks were pretty thick. His tickler saw this and decided the socks had to go. “These are real thick socks, they wont save you buddy. No way” Doug swallowed as they removed his long socks making his feet completely bare. The tickler pulled a finger up his sole and the big guy jumped.
Last was Mike. Garry took pleasure in removing his cleats. He pulled the right cleat off to find a tiny black ankle sock, skin tight, and sweaty. “Last chance, I know your deathly ticklish big guy, no need to act tough. Save you’re pride. Tell us the plays.”
“fuck off.” Mike said. “Ok boys, lets get these guys laughing.
As soon as Frank’s tickler hit his feet, he was laughing hard. “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh my HAHAHAHahahAHAH goddddd hahaa. He was extremely ticklish on his big size 13 feet. “hhahahHAHAHAHA stop no stopHAHAHA.” He was already begging.
He looked over for help, but saw his friend and teammate in the same trouble. Doug was trying to hold out, but after about ten seconds, the strong defensemen gave in to his ticklish nerves. Heheheh no way assshole hehehe hahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH AHAH damn it hAHAHAHAH. NOOO HAHAHAHAh. “What’s wrong?” asked his tickler. “You Oak Hall boys THAT ticklish??? You pussies!” Doug was in no shape to return an insult. He just kept helplessly laughing. HAHAHAHHAHAHAH.
Then there was Mike. The fearless leader of the Oak Hall lacrosse team. He wasn’t dealing with a defensemen slashing him, or a tough goalie to shoot on, he was dealing with a rival mid-fielder, running his fingers all over his ticklish size 12 feet. He tried to hold out as long as possible. As soon as his feet were touched, he was smiling, then giggling. He held out his laughter for about 30 seconds. “You know you want to laugh. Just do it. You can’t hold out” Garry said. “You’re nothing but a big ticklish loser. Coochie coochie cooooooo!!!!” As Garry said that, he brought his fingers to the base of the All-American’s toes. That broke the camel’s back. Mike broke out into a hysterical fit of laughter.
Just like that, the three best players from the Oak Hall lacrosse team were reduced to helpless laughter. They were very strong, handsome, and athletic, but there was nothing they could do but thrown their head back and laugh because of how ticklish they were.
Garry and the State boys were loving it. They had their rivals in their hands like silly puddy. He gave the nod to Frank’s tickler to take off the socks. He started to do the same for Mike. “NOOOOO don’t do this. Leave my socks on. Please no.” screamed Mike. The ticklish captain was now begging. “Listen, my feet are so ticklish, I couldn’t stand tickling on my bare feet.”
“just talk, do you want tell me the plays?” Garry asked. Mike just sighed and shook his head no. Fingers destroyed his bare feet and sent him into hysteria again. “AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOOO HAHAHAH MY FEEEEEET HAHAHAHAHHAH.”
All three of the players were now shedding tears from laughing and it was only a matter of time until they broke for good. Finally, mike screamed it.
The three players caught their breath and told the State University team all of the new plays. The next day State shocked the community by dominating Oak Hall 14-3.


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